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Integrated Government Call Center(#110)

Those who want to obtain information on civil services provided by any administrative agencies can call 110, the phone number of the Integrated Government Call Center, anywhere in Korea. With this service, the ACRC ensures maximum convenience for people who use public services and is opening a new chapter in offering customer-oriented administrative service.

The public organizations connected to this call center include all central administrative agencies, all local autonomous bodies, all metropolitan & provincial offices of education, and main public service-related institutions.

One of the strength of this call center is that counsellors, not an automatic response system (ARS), are available to respond to callers. Simple issues are processed by counsellors themselves while more sophisticated matters including taxation, labor and welfare are directed to specialized call centers or complaint handling systems of the agencies concerned.

When complainants are connected to the agencies concerned, the complaint details are transferred electronically, thereby eliminating the need for them to repeat their complaints. In addition, the "Call back" system is introduced to give answers to complainants later when issues are not urgent or immediate reply is not possible.

  • Call in Korea: 110
  • Call from overseas: +82-2-6196-9110
  • Foreign language service: over 20 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Vietnamese
  • Hours: 365 days, 24 hours

Users with inquiries → Government Call Center(#110) answers the call → The call center provides the caller with information and guidance Or it connects the caller to the relevant government agencies → Counseling service is completed or the concerned agent contacts the user through the call-back system, If an immediate response is not available.