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Chairperson & Vice Chairpersons

Jeon Hyun-Heui

Jeon Hyun-HeuiChairperson

Work Experience
2020.6. - present Chairperson, Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
(equivalent of Minister)
2020. Head of Democratic Party of Korea (DPK)’s COVID-19 Countermeasure Task Force
2018.11. - 2019.3. Head of DPK Policy Committee’s Taxi-Carpool Task Force
2018.10. Administrative Secretary of Special Committee on Energy of the 20th National Assembly
2018.9. Chairperson of DPK’s 5th Policy Coordination Committee
2018.7. Member of Environment and Labor Committee in the second half of the 20th National Assembly
2017.6. - 2017.12. Member of Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment of the 20th National Assembly
2017.4. - 2017.5. Head of Professional Association Communication Team of Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-in’s National Election Campaign Committee during 19th Presidential Election
2016.6. - 2018.6. Member of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Committee in the first half of the 20th National Assembly
2016.5. - 2020.5. Member of the 20th National Assembly (Seoul Gangnam B constituency/ DPK)
2010.5. - 2011.5. Spokesperson of the DPK
2008. - 2011. Member of Health, Welfare and Family Committee of the 18th National Assembly
2008.5. - 2011.12. Member of the 18th National Assembly (proportional representation of the DPK)
2005. Head of Center for Green Citizen Rights
2003. - 2005. Legal Advisor on Trade of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
2003. Standing Commissioner of Green Consumer Coalition
2001.6. - 2003.6. Member of Health and Welfare Ministry’s National Health Promotion Fund Management Council
2001. Member of Environment Committee, MINBYUN-Lawyers for a Democratic Society
2000.3. Professor, Out-Patient Department, Forensic Medicine Division, Yonsei University College of Medicine
1999. Executive Director of Korea Medical Law Association

Kwon Taesung

Lee GeonleeVice-Chairperson & Secretary General

Work Experience
2018. 4. - present Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of the ACRC (equivalent to Vice Minister)
2014. Attorney, DongIn Law Group
2012. - 2013. Head of Criminal Trial and Civil Litigation Department, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
2011. - 2012. 28th Chief Prosecutor of Changwon District Prosecutors’ Office
2010. - 2011. 57th Chief Prosecutor of Jeju District Prosecutors’ Office
2009. - 2010. Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Gwangju High District Prosecutors’ Office
2009. Head of Civil Litigation Department, Seoul High Prosecutors’ Office
2008. Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Jeonju District Prosecutors’ Office
2007. Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Chuncheon District Prosecutors’ Office
2005. - 2006. Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Department 6, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office
2000. - 2001. 41th Chief Prosecutor of Miryang Branch Prosecutors’ Office of Changwon District Prosecutors’ Office
1998. Prosecution Research Officer, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
1994. Prosecutor, Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office
1990. Prosecutor, Seoul Northern District Prosecutors’ Office

Kwon Taesung

Lee JungheeVice-Chairperson

Work Experience
2021. 1. - present Vice Chairperson (equivalent of Vice Minister)
2019. President of Korea Council of Public Organization International Auditors
2018. Controller & Auditor General of Korea Electronic Power Corporation
2017. Standing Representative of Gwangju Forum
2017. Adjunct Professor of Chonnam National University Law School
2010. Senior Legal Advisor of Gwangju Metropolitan City
2006. Working Committee Member of Presidential Committee on Judicial Reform
2005. Senior Vice President of Korea Bar Association
2005. Senior Legal Advisor of Jeollanam-do Province
1993. Representative Attorney of Lee Junghee Law firm
1991. - 1993. Completed the 22nd Judicial Research and Training Institute Course
1990. Passed the 32nd National Judicial Examination

Kim Kipyo

Kim KipyoVice-Chairperson

Work Experience
2020. 1. - present Vice Chairperson (equivalent of Vice Minister)
2008. - 2011. President of Korea Legislation Research Institute
2007. - 2008. Vice Minister of Ministry of Government Legislation (MOLEG)
2005. - 2007. Chief of Policy Promotion Management Office, MOLEG
2003. - 2005. Director General of Legal Affairs, MOLEG
2003. - 2003. Expert member of Presidential Transition Committee
1998. - 2001. Director General of Administrative Appeals Management Bureau, MOLEG
1996. - 1997. Deputy Director General of Administrative Appeals, MOLEG
1988. - 1990. Legislative Researcher of Legislation and Judiciary Commission, National Assembly
1986. - 1988. Legislative Officer of MOLEG