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ACRC Korea Transparency Newsletter (August 2021)

August 2021  

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) was launched on February 29, 2008 through the integration of the Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Ombudsman of Korea, and the Administrative Appeals Commission. With the consolidation of these three organizations, the ACRC now provides citizens with one-stop service dealing with citizen complaints, administrative appeals, and corruption reports in a faster and more convenient way.

We would like to inform you about our recent anti-corruption activities and latest news on what the Korean government is doing to improve the nation's transparency on this newsletter.

  ACRC Proposed 93.2 Billion KRW (USD 80 million) for Its Next Year’s Budget Focusing on Creating Tangible Outcome for Citizens in Anti-Corruption and Reform for Fairness
Making the year 2022 the first year of becoming one of the top 20s in CPI

ACRC Nurtures Integrity Education Instructors Who Will Lead Integrity Culture
With the growing demand for integrity education, the ACRC beefs up the pool of instructors for professional and knowledge courses who will teach anti-corruption laws and systems

ACRC Says, “Dismissal at Request Is Not Allowed for Executives in Public Offices When They are Involved in Misconducts”
The ACRC carried out Corruption Risk Assessment on 1,569 bylaws of 13 public organizations in national land & safety sectors and made 98 recommendations

ACRC Accelerates Strategic Support to Expand Local Ombudsman
The ACRC cooperate with Local Ombudsman to provide support, including education, experience, information and case sharing

ACRC Spreads Ethics and Compliance Management with Six Major Public Corporations
The ACRC signed an MoU for ‘spreading ethics and compliance management and introducing certification system’ on 12th of August

ACRC Compiled Excellent Anti-Corruption Policies That Led Establishment of Integrity Culture for the Last 4 Years in the Moon Jae-in Administration
The ACRC published a casebook of 100 anti-corruption policies from 78 public organizations

ACRC and Korean Association for Corruption Studies Hosted “Anti-Corruption and Integrity” Academic Conference
The conference diagnosed policies and had an in-depth discussion for future development tasks to implement anti-corruption and integrity policies in a sustainable manner

ACRC Dispatches ‘Moblie Shinmungo(Outreach Bus)’ to Address Complaints in Farming and Fishing Villages across the Nation Hit by COVID-19 Pandemic
ACRC visits farming and fishing villages across the nation starting from Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do province on 26th August

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