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ACRC to Share Korea’s Ant-corruption Policy Achievements with the World at ‘OGP Global Summit 2021’


ACRC to Share Korea’s Ant-corruption Policy Achievements with the World at ‘OGP Global Summit 2021’


-On the 17th (Fri.), ACRC will hold anti-corruption breakout sessions which can be watched at YouTube channel ‘OGP Korea’ - –


  • The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (Chairperson Jeon Hyun-Heui, ACRC) will hold breakout sessions at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2021 to share with countries around the world Korea’s anti-corruption policy achievements and future direction on December 17, the last day of the summit.











The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global public-private partnership which was established to promote government transparency, anti-corruption, citizen participation, cooperation between government and civil society organizations.


The Korean government, as chair of the 11th OGP, holds OGP Global Summit 2021 at COEX, Seoul, for three days from December 15 to 17 under the theme of civil space and public participation, tackling corruption, and promoting inclusive digital innovation.


  • The ACRC hosts a breakout session on the morning of the 17th under the name of “The Achievements and Lessons of Korea’s Anti-Corruption Policy.


    The current government set anti-corruption as the priority in running the state and has carried out anti-corruption policies in a comprehensive manner with the ACRC taking the helm by enacting the Act on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest Related to Duties of Public Servants and the Act on the Prohibition of False Claims for Public Funds and Recovery of Illicit Profits and tackling employment irregularities in public organizations. The government’s achievements so far and measures for improvement will be discussed at the breakout session.


    In the afternoon of the same day, the ACRC organizes another breakout session under the theme of “Implementation of Anti-corruption and Integrity Policies through the Establishment of Public-Private Partnership.” The session will talk about achievements in the operation of the Public-Private Council for Transparent Society which consists of representatives of civil society organizations, the media, and the academia. The session will also share ideas on the role and prospect of the public-private governance in anti-corruption policy implementation.


  • ACRC Chairperson Jeon Hyun-Heui, in her welcoming speech at Anti-Corruption Plenary Session on December 16, explained the Korean government’s anti-corruption framework and efforts and achievements of the government’s action to enhance integrity in the public and private sector. She said, “I hope that OGP Global Submit 2021 will be an opportunity for the world to share insight and wisdom and settle a culture of integrity throughout the world.


  • To prevent the spread of COVID 19, the OGP Global Summit 2021 allows for online participation and discussions will be accessible in real time at OGP website and YouTube channel for anyone in the world


OGP website: http://ogpsummit.org,

OGP Korea 2021 YouTube channel: search for “OGP Korea” at www.youtube.com


ACRC to Share Korea s Ant-corruption Policy Achievements with the World at OGP Global Summit 2021